A Unique Professional Learning or Wellness Opportunity Guided Fly Fishing on the Bow River

Bent on the Bow and Clearwater Adventures, local fly fishing outfitters, have joined together in a collaborative effort, to provide teachers the opportunity to learn or improve their fly fishing skills and knowledge, and to experience the positive impact fly fishing can have on one’s wellness. To most fly fishers, the art is about much more than catching fish. We hope that a day spent drifting the Bow River will help you understand that fly fishing is also about creating an intimate, engaging connection with the river and being immersed the natural surroundings.

The goal, of our Professional Learning offering, is to help you develop and improve your casting technique, increase your knowledge of all things fly fishing and to provide an enjoyable, rewarding experience that will leave you wanting more.

Successful programs like Wounded Warriors, Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery, incorporate fly fishing as a tool to help veterans, first responders and breast cancer survivors recover from the trauma they have experienced. The calming effect of fly fishing and the engaging nature of the sport provide a level of escape from stress, depression and anxiety.

If you want to explore the Wellness side of fly fishing, our goal is to introduce you to the relaxing, reflective and even meditative nature of fly fishing. We hope to provide you with an opportunity to unwind and relax in a beautiful, natural setting, and to help you understand how fly fishing is an activity that can result in improved life/work balance and wellness.

When Can You Fish?

Our guiding season begins toward the end of April and is put on hold for a week or more in June as a result of spring run-off. You can access Discretionary Leave days if you prefer to enjoy this learning experience during a school day, you can book a weekend outing, or you can choose to wait until July or August to get out for a fish. Due to PDLC requirements, all PDLC funded activities must be completed by August 31, 2022.

How it Works

A day of guided fly fishing in Calgary typically costs between $600 and $725 per day. Due to the educational nature of the guided trips and our focus on wellness, teachers with Rocky View Schools will be approved to access either PDLC or Wellness funding to cover the expense of the outing. Your cost of $775, includes a guiding fee of $675 along with a $100 gratuity. There will not be any out-of-pocket expenses, as available funding will cover all of your costs. If you are teaching in another division, your PDLC or wellness funding may cover these costs as well. Please contact your PDLC or Wellness benefit representative to confirm coverage.

PDL Lessons & Education

  • Safety
    • in the river
    • on the boat
  • Fly fishing gear
  • Casting Techniques
    • Dry Fly Casting
    • Nymph Casting
    • Streamer Casting
  • Mending & Stripping Line
  • Playing and releasing a fish
  • Reading the Water – Know where to cast by understanding where fish tend to hang out
  • Entomology: Fish food and the flies that represent that food
  • Regulations and River Etiquette

One or Two Day PDL Opportunities


1 Day Instructional/Guided Fly Fishing

Make this a solo outing or invite a family member or a friend who is not a RVS teacher. Simply contact either Bent on the Bow or Clearwater Adventures and book your outing.

2 Days Instructional/Guided Fly Fishing

Partner with a RVS colleague and both of you book a day of guided fly fishing. Since each guided trip has space for 2 fishers, you and your colleague will be able to get out fly fishing together twice, once with Bent on the Bow in a jet drift boat, and once with Clearwater Adventures, in a drift boat. This option provides you the opportunity to experience two entirely different types of boats, on different sections of the Bow River.


What We Supply

  • All gear including
    • Rods & reels
    • Flies
    • Miscellaneous tackle
    • Waders & wading boots if necessary
  • Deli lunch, snacks, water and other non-alcoholic beverages
  • Transportation to and from the river

What You Supply

  • Alberta Sportfishing License
  • Clothing and Outerwear appropriate for weather conditions. As you know, weather conditions can change suddenly in the Calgary area, so come prepared. There is sufficient dry storage in our boats for you to bring a fleece, a windbreaker or a rain jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Camera


What to Expect

A day of guided fly fishing on the Bow River will run roughly 9 to 10 hours in total, with 7 to 8 hours spent on the water. A short, initial instructional session will be provided at the beginning of the day, if necessary. Instruction will be ongoing, as we work to improve and enhance your angling skills. If you have never fly fished before, this is a great opportunity to learn. We have guided and instructed many first-time fly fishers. There is a learning curve so be prepared to work through some difficult moments. Keep in mind, however that the experience is supposed to be fun. We have no end of patience and will do all we can to help you improve your skill level and get you into some fish. Above all, we want you to have an enjoyable, relaxing and memorable day on the river.


Contact Us to Book Your Guided Fly Fishing Outing

Bent on the Bow

Nathan Kimura

Email: bentonthebow@gmail.com

Cell: 587-228-3312

Website: www.bentonthebow.com


Clearwater Adventures.com

Kim Straker

Email: kim.straker@clearwateradventures.com

Cell: 403-607-4427

Website: www.clearwateradventures.com


About Us

Nathan Kimura…

is the owner and head guide for “Bent on the Bow” a local flyfishing company that he started up in 2019. Nathan is currently enrolled in the Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership Degree Program at Mount Royal University. As one of the younger guides on the Bow River, Nathan has established himself as a personable, passionate, knowledgeable and skilled up and coming guide. Nathan spends countless hours developing his craft Guiding from the boat, walk and wading in Southern Alberta rivers and streams, back country hike and lake fishing and ice fishing. When not fishing Nathan is crafting custom fishing nets that have become a hot commodity in and around the Calgary fishing community.

Nathan has used his passion for fly fishing to support local youth as well. He has been involved in a Middle School Mentorship program within Rocky View Schools to mentor middle school students. He speaks in schools and takes students out on the water to introduce them to the benefits of fishing and acts as a positive role model for students that benefit from time with a caring individual.


Kim Straker…

is a former teacher who taught in Yellowknife for 18 years. He then moved to Airdrie, with his family, to teach at Muriel Clayton Middle School. In December 2015, after 17 years at MCMS, Kim retired.

He returned to teaching in 2019, after accepting a contract at Helen Kalavk Elihakvik School in Ulukhaktok, NWT a remote Inuit community of 500, on Victoria Island. In January 2020, he returned to the NWT and spent a year teaching and developing an On-the-Land/Outdoor Education program at Mezi Community School in WhaTi, a small Tlicho community of 500, which at the time was accessible only by plane or ice road. In January 2021, Kim retired from teaching for the third and final time.

Kim is an avid, knowledgeable, lifelong fly fisher who enjoys working with both new and skilled anglers. His friendly, patient and low-key approach make for a relaxed and enjoyable day on the water. Kim started his fly fishing business, Clearwater Adventures, in 2002.