Instructional/Guided Fly Fishing

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What to Expect

A day of guided fly fishing on the Bow River will run roughly 9 to 10 hours in total, with 7 to 8 hours spent on the water. A short, initial instructional session will be provided at the beginning of the day, if necessary. Instruction will be ongoing, as we work to improve and enhance your angling skills. If you have never fly fished before, this is a great opportunity to learn. We have guided and instructed many first-time fly fishers. There is a learning curve so be prepared to work through some difficult moments. Keep in mind, however that the experience is supposed to be fun. We have no end of patience and will do all we can to help you improve your skill level and get you into some fish. Above all, we want you to have an enjoyable, relaxing and memorable day on the river.


1 Day Instructional/Guided Fly Fishing

Make this a solo outing or invite a family member or a friend who is not a RVS teacher. Simply contact either Bent on the Bow or Clearwater Adventures and book your outing.


2 Days Instructional/Guided Fly Fishing

Partner with a RVS colleague and both of you book a day of guided fly fishing. Since each guided trip has space for 2 fishers, you and your colleague will be able to get out fly fishing together twice, once with Bent on the Bow in a jet drift boat, and once with Clearwater Adventures, in a drift boat. This option provides you the opportunity to experience two entirely different types of boats, on different sections of the Bow River.


Lessons & Education

  • Safety
    • in the river
    • on the boat
  • Fly fishing gear
  • Casting Techniques
    • Dry Fly Casting
    • Nymph Casting
    • Streamer Casting
  • Mending & Stripping Line
  • Playing and releasing a fish
  • Reading the Water – Know where to cast by understanding where fish tend to hang out
  • Entomology: Fish food and the flies that represent that food
  • Regulations and River Etiquette


What We Supply

  • All gear including
    • Rods & reels
    • Flies
    • Miscellaneous tackle
    • Waders & wading boots if necessary
  • Deli lunch, snacks, water and other non-alcoholic beverages
  • Transportation to and from the river


What You Supply

  • Alberta Sportfishing License
  • Clothing and Outerwear appropriate for weather conditions. As you know, weather conditions can change suddenly in the Calgary area, so come prepared. There is sufficient dry storage in our boats for you to bring a fleece, a windbreaker or a rain jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Camera