Lower Bow River (Policeman’s Flats to Carsland Weir)

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This section of the Bow River can be fished in 1-3 days and is the “Blue Ribbon” section of river where the hard fighting Rainbows and Browns call home. The abundance of biomass and optimal growing conditions have combined to create this world-famous sport fishery.

The Bow River meanders through grasslands and sandstone cliffs with ranches and cottonwood stands adding to the scenery. Along the way there will be opportunities to view wildlife and enjoy the solitude of the river. Eagles, osprey, Herons, Beavers, Deer and White pelican are often present to enrich the experience. Lunch on one of the many river islands or spotting rising fish along the banks round out your experience.

The Lower Bow River structure is varied and requires a combination of technical skill and experience to get into the world class fish consistently. Whether fishing Dry flies, Dry/dropper rigs, Streamers or Nymphing, Bent on the Bow has both the technical knowledge and experience to help ensure you have the best experience possible.