Bent On The Bow Custom Handmade Net

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All of our nets are made entirely on site by Bent on the Bow. No two nets are exactly the same so your net will truly be a one of a kind!

All of our nets are custom made to order hardwood nets. (Woods most commonly requested include: Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Beech, Maple however other exotics can be used for the handle if requested for an additional cost. 

Upon order, Bent On The Bow will contact you to finalize your customizations for your custom handmade net.

Choose from our standard, deluxe and premium nets with the following enhancements:

Standard Net

- One to two types of wood
- Engraved name
- Optional engraved measurement scale

Deluxe Net

- One to three types of wood
- Engraved name
- Optional engraved measurements scale
- Engraved emblem or design
- Custom handle length

Premium Net

- Work with us to create your one of a kind landing net
- Opportunity for the following, Epoxy, exotic wood, dimension adjustment,