Rocky Mountain Walk and Wade

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Walk and wade fishing allows for access to areas not easily accessible to boats or to get out of the boat to better cover a fishable location along the river.

Many of the opportunities to walk and wade can be found in the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains. These areas are spectacular in both scenery and fishing. Bull trout and Cutthroat trout are targets in many of the rivers in addition to the Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. Alpine Lakes often have less pressure so the opportunity to have and epic fishing day number wise increases if you enjoy a bit of a hike to get into more remotes fishing locations.

Walk and Wade fishing does require that you are mobile and fit enough to hike to elevated locations and /or cross knee-deep moving water but the experience and reward can be well worth the effort!

Scenery in the wild areas is world class with clear water, waterfalls and wildlife viewing common. For many, walk and wade is an experience of a lifetime.